Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Photo

I think I maybe don't post enough of photos of my garden on here. So today, I thought I'd show off my little rhubarb:

Cute, huh?


Nan said...

Yes, it is cute! Mine is maybe an inch+ out of the ground right now. I'm a huge rhubarb fan - so much so that a friend gave me a cookbook devoted to it. :<)

kiirstin said...

Nan, thanks for stopping by! I'm extremely excited because this is the first year I'll be able to harvest my own rhubarb. When we bought the house, I think the plants were less than a year old and I wanted to let them get a little bigger before harvesting. Two years on, now, I'm sure I'll have enough to stew -- stewed rhubarb is my favourite dessert.