Sunday, April 5, 2009

April snow is on the way

Mother Nature has just kicked me in the solar plexus, with the news that our area is expecting 15 cm of snow tomorrow. I didn't plant any seeds today because I knew it was supposed to get unseasonably cold. But damn. Blizzard. In April. Not impressed.

I have, once again, moved all the baby plants out of the sunroom and downstairs, where they'll at least get some bright indirect light, if there's any light to be had. They will at least stay warm. I wasn't going to move the mint or the rosemary, figuring they could tough it out, but now I don't know. The mint can handle it but I might shift the rosemary. The thing is, it's not really supposed to be that cold, and the sunroom shouldn't freeze. But still. Psychologically I will probably fret a lot less if the rosemary is in out of the cold.

The weather is supposed to clear up by Thursday and warm up and be sunny again. It makes me want a grow light, but I'm not even sure where I would set that up right now.


Christine said...

C'mon, yesterday (Sunday) was gorgeous. And where did you hear "15cm"? Sure it wasn't millimetres?... We've got about a half inch at my house. Zoe is in heaven, for some reason.

kiirstin said...

Yes, yesterday softened me up. Luckily Environment Canada had my ass covered. And I don't know how you're doing there, but we're well on the way to 10 cm at least here!

Christine said...

Okay, after last night, maybe we have 10 cm...It's all my fault--we took the snow tires off this weekend!

kiirstin said...

Yes, I blame you... and me, for starting my seedlings in the hope that winter was done. Bad! Should have waited until after Easter, I guess.