Thursday, May 29, 2008

warblers as I wander

One bright spot during this year's rather dismal birding season has been a trail I love down by the river at school. There are short sections I occasionally wander and I have yet to come away without seeing or hearing something cool. This is mostly because it's along a major river, I think; but also because the trees are mature and the vegetation is wonderfully lush. This morning I was running late, but as I was rushing I still managed to hear two different kinds of vireos, a catbird, and yellow warblers. This afternoon, wandering and weeding garlic mustard as I went, I heard:
  • a chestnut-sided warbler
  • yellow warblers
  • a rose-breasted grosbeak
  • catbirds
  • goldfinches
  • house wrens
  • red-eyed vireos
  • mallards
  • Canada geese
  • robins
  • a downy woodpecker
  • cardinals
Not bad for a ten minute stroll.


Anonymous said...

I thought that the birding weekend we spent down in Pelee was pretty nice.

greenpixie said...

It was lovely, but you have to admit that the weather left something to be desired.

I enjoyed Hillman, and I was pleased with what we saw... but lord was it cold and wet. And the birds were hard to find.