Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I voted...

Did you? You currently have just over an hour left to do so.

I'm not fool enough to think that this election will determine the course of the world's environmental future. Given another minority government, Conservative or Liberal, there will be no movement on the environment to speak of. Everyone is too damn scared.

I want someone to catch on, though, that the environment does matter. It's likely already too late, I guess. But I want someone to try.


Faith said...

Since you bring it up, can I ask what you thought of the Liberal's Green Shift? I've been surprised at some of the people I know who thought it was a bad idea, because I read it and it seemed okay to me.

kiirstin said...

I thought it was brilliant, frankly. It was the closest thing to a platform any party had this election (I'd actually say it was fully-fledged, even). And it is the only way we are actually going to start making gains in the area of carbon reduction. I think the major problem was that it was too "out there" for a lot of people, particularly those who are already inclined to think there is some sort of enviro-conspiracy to destroy the economy. Harper really managed to sell it as a huge tax increase despite the fact that it would have lead to major income tax cuts -- a lot of people just managed to (willfully?) not hear the last half of the plan.

Harper's plan to cut carbon appears to me to be of the wishful thinking sort... "Maybe if I pretend there isn't a problem it will go away! And if that doesn't work, our kids can deal with it."

I'm really bitter about this, can you tell?

Faith said...

I just don't understand how quickly and permanently the whole plan got characterized as a "carbon tax", and on the rest of the left too. Thanks, I was hoping someone else was as disappointed as I was.