Wednesday, April 23, 2008

duck watching and frog listening

A spontaneous trip with my aunt to a flooded field near a creek led to some lovely birds last night:
  • two yellow-shafted flickers
  • mallards
  • ring-necked ducks
  • buffleheads
  • two green-winged teals
  • a black duck
  • a male pintail

The pintail was in his very best breeding plumage. Seeing them is normally a treat; this time was an experience. He was gorgeous. Previous to heading out for the ducks, we had a great look at a male turkey doing his best to impress the ladies. The ladies didn't look too impressed. Felt a little sorry for him. He sure impressed me, but I guess I'm not a turkey.

There were also several peepers doing their thing quite loudly, and later on in the evening the wood frogs got going. Now that I know what to listen for with the wood frogs, I realize just how many times I may have heard them without realizing. It's a very innocuous sound, too, next to the exuberant peepers.

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