Saturday, March 22, 2008

she's alive!

Really, I am. Surprise surprise. It is March, and the result is that I am suddenly ready to spring into gardening again. I have been hankering to plant things since early February, but there are a number of problems with this, the primary problem being that I'm not actually living at home right now.

But today I am home, and we're going to go purchase some seeds so I can get some of the vegetables started. I'm going to aim to purchase everything I am planting as far as veggies today, but with the understanding that most I will not be planting until May. Which is coming faster than I sometimes think.

So, the veggie list for this year:
I am also planting strawberries in hanging baskets; the seed arrived from Veseys a couple of weeks ago. This is an experiment I've wanted to try since watching Jamie at Home. I love that man's garden. Also, I would like to cook like him. Heh. I should probably stick to attempting the garden.

Also on the way from Veseys is a black currant shrub ('Black Wellington') which I intend to stick in the back corner of the yard near the veggie plots.

I'll post shortly on the plans for the front yard, which have been gestating through a very snowy Ottawa winter...

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