Sunday, August 19, 2007

life in the fish bowl

Something else I've managed this year is to get myself happier with my fish tank. I've found it stressful in the past, mostly because I had a pleco who needed a larger tank. And he desperately did. The thing was, I didn't have a larger tank.

So I got one this year, and holy cow has it made a difference. I'm much happier.

I finally, this summer, emptied the small tank and added plant-friendly substrate (Eco-Complete) and planted it heavily with all sorts of plants. Mostly plants advertised as nutrient sponges. Finally, last week I added two pearl gouramis. They're still very small, the two of them, but they are beautiful. Once there are batteries in the camera I'll photograph them. Currently there's a wee bit of an algae problem starting thanks to the fact that the lights are a bit powerful and I don't have enough vegetation in there yet. But that will be solved this week with a small group of oto cats and possibly a few Amano shrimp. Shrimp? Shrimps? Shrimpii?

Heh. I think, if I do get shrimp, I'll just call them the Shrimpii. Like succubi, but less sexy.

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