Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the squirrels were busy

Whew. Spent a weekend away birding, and that was good, although very cold. Came back to find my peppers all wilty and my rhubarb bed dug into, not to mention many of the beans. But a bunch of the shallots popped up while we were away, and the tomatoes are looking good, if a little sulky.

I also spent some time Friday deadheading and weeding through the giant spirea in the front bed. It is huge. I'm thinking that next spring I will have to do a major cutback; it's dying in the centre, but I don't think it's beyond hope yet.

New birds for the backyard are a chestnut-sided warbler, redstart and red-eyed vireo. I really think we need to plant a thicket in the back of the yard, even just for this month.

Also, the first visitor to the birdbath was... a squirrel. Drinking. Meh. At least someone's using it.

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